Ourdoor Advertising

We can offer a variety of outdoor advertising options: posters (tents), night illumination LED solutions (illuminated signs, volumetric letters, stands, etc.) and various wall-mounted stands. We use extremely resistant and durable materials for our products to ensure that advertising lasts for a long time and will be resistant to external influences.

We also perform installation works for all types of advertising. Upon request, we repair and renew old advertising spaces. Old stands can be renewed with advertising or informational materials. For prices please contact us by e-mail For the calculation of prices, it is necessary to specify the dimensions, the purpose of the stand or the way we intend to use it.

Indoor Advertising

We can produce the widest range of indoor advertising solutions, regardless of the surface of the fixture, the overall dimensions and the intended use. Using our products, you can decorate your space with qualitative information, announcements or promotional messages.

For prices please contact us by e-mail For the calculation of prices, it is necessary to specify the dimensions, the purpose of the stand or the way we intend to use it.

Advertising on Vehicles

Advertising on the company car is another great opportunity to attract more customers and expand your business awareness. It is a simple and inexpensive way to introduce your service and promote the brand. The advertising project does not need to be co-ordinated with the municipality, and there is no need for additional funds for maintenance.

We also produce magnetic stickers for automobiles. Their price is higher but this solution is greatly successful if the advertising is used on a personal car. This means that they can be easily removed outside the working hours. Since the car is constantly in public, advertising is always effective and accessible to consumers 16-18 hours a day. For the implementation of the projects please email

Inscriptions, Logos on Clothes

This is another mobile, flexible and consistent way of advertising. Using various technologies (thermal printing, transfer printing, silkscreen), we can design the most diverse clothes: t-shirts, hats, sports, work or leisure clothing.

Graphic notes, photographs, logos, numbers, or any other visual information can be reproduced on clothes. Contact:

Spausdinama reklama

These are usually informational publications that promote specific goods or services: catalogues, prospectuses, booklets, posters, leaflets or letterheads. We can also prepare branded wall and table calendars, production packages, diaries, notebooks, etc.

Stickers are also attributed to printing. They are of two types: for outdoor conditions (usually pasted on vehicles, windows, shop windows, doors, walls, etc.) and used inside (pasted on floors, equipment, furniture, interior doors, and other items).

Order a print advertising project by email

Design, Layout Design

This is the first and one of the most important stages in advertising production. Our company employs professional designers to help make visions and ideas a reality. Respectively according to the needs, we will endeavour to ensure that the final results are informative, noticeable, distinguished from the environment, slightly provocative or calm and merging into the surrounding environment.

We can create a logo and company style, design business cards, posters, leaflets, packages, newspapers or magazines, stands for exhibitions, outdoor and indoor advertising, orienteering systems, websites and banner ads.


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